Morning Gloryville

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February 17th, 2015 by Daniel Harries

It all starts at 5.30am when your alarm goes off and you jump out of sleep and wonder what on earth is going on. Then is dawns on you, you’ve promised your friend you’d go to a rave at 6.30am in the morning. Right!

It’s a Wednesday morning, the weather outside is pretty miserable and I have to do that thing where you get dressed in bed, as stepping out of your covers could lead to hypothermia, or at least it feels like that. It’s still dark outside as I trudge down the road and the only thing that is keeping my spirits high is my friend skipping next to me. You see, she has been before and knows the full extent of what will await us. I, in my more sceptical sleepy state, have not been before and what seemed like a fantastic idea the previous night is now not as fantastic in the half-light of the early morning.

We get closer to the venue and she turns to me. “A pound to the person who hears the music first!” To this I’m a little baffled but nod and smile through my layers of clothing. However, not ten steps further on down the road and I do start to hear music making its way through the drizzle! And then we are at the front door and surrounded by colour, glitter, laughter, costumes and lots and lots of smiles. It’s infectious! I’m offered some glitter to put on my face at the door and I almost can’t get enough. The variety of costumes and colours makes me feel a little out of place as I’ve not come nearly as prepared, so adding some glitter to my sleepy face seems to level the playing field. It’s at this moment I also realise I’ve made a mental decision that next time, yes next time, I will also wear spandex like some of the men around me are doing. I’m not even in the door yet!

I walk up the steps, immersed into more colour and energy and enter through the main doors into the hall. All hesitance, tiredness and even nerves are thrown out of the window as the heart and soul of Morning Gloryville envelopes me. I pause on the threshold to just try and take it all in.

To my left is a group of people in varying yoga positions. On my right is a stall selling different colour natural juice drinks and a coffee stall.  In front of me are roughly three hundred people going wild! People are on stage dancing and performing for each other and the crowd. The audience, I say audience but anyone can get on stage themselves, are responding and performing back to the dancers on stage, both groups of people urging each other on!

I go and get my first shot. This shot however is of the caffeine variety. I order a cappuccino from the vendor. It’s delicious. I then find my friends who are in the middle of the crowd they hand me a pink whistle and a glittery cowboy hat, yep more glitter! May I just comment now, although I have said I felt out of place that I wasn’t dressed up, to not wear fancy dress isn’t out of place, I even saw people in suits that had obviously stopped in for a dance before work. Everyone is welcomed and involved, and that’s what’s so special.

I lost myself to the music and dancing, you just can’t help it. The energy from the room seeps into you and animates you. It’s now 10am and I have been dancing for three hours without a single drop of alcohol. I feel as though I have more energy now than when I started and I am completely ready for the rest of the day.

We walk out into the light of the day and although there is still a little bit of drizzle, it’s nothing compared to the energy still flowing through me. I have fully enjoyed Morning Gloryville and it’s got me thinking how many other activities would I enjoy if I go against the normative and do it completely Tee-Total? Pub quizzes? I may actually win a few points, or even change bar crawls into city crawls and get to explore and know my home town.

*All views expressed in this article are the author’s, and do not necessarily represent the views of ‘It’s the Drink Talking’ or of Alcohol Concern.