Little girl’s voice to Daddy

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January 27th, 2015 by Jarumat Singka

I didn’t like my dad when he drank alcohol. Every time when his friends came to my home they would always ask him to go out for a drink, my daddy would then come back home at night with stinky alcohol breath and was always very drunk.

From time to time, my mother felt moody with his behavior and they then begun to quarrel with increasing aggression. I didn’t know what my mom was thinking, but maybe she felt the same as me and that she didn’t like my dad when he drank Alcohol, his drinking was the reason that we started to fade out our love, warmth and understanding with him.

Finally, one day my daddy had a pain with his leg and feet. My mom realized that it was a result from his over drinking, she told him “It’s cause you’re drinking too much that its caused you pain” At this time, it was the beginning of the Buddhist Lent period, I then took my dad the brooch labelled “Stop Drink during The Buddhist Lent Period” which was Thailand Health Promotion Fund campaign.


In my school I’m also a senior campaigner, who took part in a lot of activities for the campaign that aimed to get parents to quit alcohol and tobacco. One of the activities was to make Mo noi* candy (Vernonia cinerea Less*) which is a candy that helps to reduce a person’s smoking. I soon realize that my dad could also be a part of this target group.   (Here is some photos of me making the candy)




















So I then asked him to join our campaign. My father saw the campaign advertised on TV because he love watching TV and the news updates. Eventually, he decided to refrain from drinking alcohol during the Buddhist Lent period, which is three months. When someone questioned him “Will you start drinking alcohol again, after the Lent period?” he said that he was “unsure”.

Lastly, he could not do it for the long period! But with hope, I’m blessing that my father could permanently stop drinking, he still drinks but has started to reduce his intake especially when it comes to festivals and parties.

This experience has made me question “Why is it every time that my Father goes out to a social event he always comes back drunk? Why does camaraderie have to start with alcohol?”


*All views expressed in this article are the author’s, and do not necessarily represent the views of ‘It’s the Drink Talking’ or of Alcohol Concern.