Don’t Drink and Drown

Jessica Tuckman

August 6th, 2015 by Jessica Tuckman

Hi I’m Jessie, a young surfer in Cornwall. I’ve made my own decisions to ditch the drink simply to become more healthy overall. A few years ago I would go out in the evening and have a few pints and enjoy it. But the effects last into the days afterwards and can impede your judgement for longer than you expect. For me I felt that the low energy I got for around two days after a night out affected my surfing too much and have embraced a sober life.

Many young people come to the town I live in, Newquay, with hopes of partying hard whilst living the dream by the beach. Surfing, swimming and paddling. But when the two mix together the consequences can be disastrous. There are many rescues by the RNLI which are associated with drinking alcohol. Some are simply that the people are unable to judge the situation, relaxed by the alcohol and become stuck on a rock or in a bay by the increasing tide.

Sometimes it is much worse and a person has gone swimming after drinking. I believe that in-land the problem is not uncommon either with alcohol related drownings happening in lakes and rivers and in canals. Drinking severely affects your abilities in the water as well as your judgement and I urge people to not take this risk. Even if you have only had one drink, please stay safe on dry land. Swim and surf sober.