Ensuring alcohol advertising sticks to the rules

Stop alcohol advertising breaking the rules and recruiting the next generation of young problem drinkers

Alcohol advertising is shown to increase the chances of children starting to drink and of drinking more. Under-18s are supposed to be protected from alcohol advertising but they actually see more than adults, given their viewing patterns.

The rules that exist aren’t effective and are regularly broken. And advertising often presents alcohol as glamorous, sexy and necessary for social success when the truth can be sometimes pretty different.

Tell Government to ensure alcohol advertising sticks to the rules.


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We have a team of young people who review alcohol advertising and hold companies to account when they break the rules.

These adverts show how companies try to encourage heavy drinking and use humour, to sell as much of their product as possible.

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The rules say that:

  • Advertising must not be likely to appeal to people under 18
  • Advertising must not condone or encourage excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Advertising must not link alcohol with sexual or social success

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If you’ve seen any alcohol advertising that you think may break the rules on websites, social media, television or any other format tell us at drinktalking@alcoholconcern.org.uk so we can take action.