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Reducing the strength2

The ‘Reducing the Strength’ campaign is tackling the problems of super strength cheap alcohol by encouraging supermarkets and off-licences to voluntarily remove all super strength lager, beer and cider from their shelves.

Super strength alcohol causes real problems.

It is often drunk by the most vulnerable groups in the community, seriously damaging their health, and is linked to levels of violence and crime.

In Ipswich, where the campaign was launched, there has been an immediate reduction in violence and crime.

These products increase the vulnerability of someone becoming a victim of crime, becoming involved in criminal activity themselves and suffering real health problems.

Tackling the cause, by removing the products, and offering support to those that need it, can improve lives and communities.

You can use this form to message your MP directly in a few clicks. If you live in Wales, you might also want to write to your Assembly Members.

Tell your MP you want them to support the ‘Reducing the Strength’ campaign by sending them this letter.

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