Meet the Bloggers


Sarah Archer



Sarah is a student at the University of Nottingham, studying History and German. She is currently on a year abroad in Berlin, working as an English Language Assistant in a secondary school.



Charlotte Charlotte Maxwell

I’m Charlotte- a 20 year old student, living in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger with the aim of venturing into fashion journalism. I’m passionate about writing, creative ventures and French cinema.

In my spare time, I work to raise awareness about mental health issues and racial equality.



Emily is a sociology graduate who currently volunteers for Young Addaction Halton, a young persons drug and alcohol charity. Recent Dry January Champ, looking to change young peoples views one step at a time.






Naomi has recently achieved a First Class Honours in Drama and Comparative Literature. She is particularly interested in exploring current social issues creatively, be it through writing or performance. Her other interests include travel, water sports and food!





A Maths student at the University of Nottingham; known in most circles as ‘the one who you want your parents to meet’







Dee is a freelance journalist specialising in education and culture. She is studying multimedia journalism at News Associates, Wimbledon.







Self proclaimed political and social commentator with a passion for human rights and equality. Currently studying Human Geography at the University of Leeds and hoping for a career incorporating Journalism, Human Rights Law, and International Relations. Life motto:  ”Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi. Yeah I want to fix the world, well somebody’s got to do it!





Jake is a member of YAAC (the Youth Alcohol Advertising Council). As well as this, he is also the Member of Youth Parliament for Mendip, Somerset and writes about youth issues for local newspapers and political blogs.





Hi, I’m Sophie. You’ll most likely find me under a pile of books, in front of a stage barrier, or in an existential crisis. Planning to conquer the world and/or my English degree by 2015. Watch this space.




IsabellaIsabella Thumbnail

Isabella is a student of English literature and philosophy at the University of Glasgow, she’s learnt that there are a million sides to every argument and the challenge is to consider them all.





20, London, Aspiring writer, poetry is my thing:





I’m a history student at Sheffield University and love to write. Often considered a “bad student” for not going out as much as I can, I still drink my fair share. I think it is important not to demonise alcohol, but at the same time it is important to be aware of the issues around it!





“I’m Charlotte Walmsley, a confirmed Europhile, feminist and part time contributor to The National Student and now Alcohol Concern. I am a French and Spanish student at Cardiff University currently enjoying living in Extremadura, Spain. I’m passionate about writing, quirky European cinema and teaching English as a foreign language.”






I’m an all-round Social Media and Digital Marketing girly geek. I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a Media Communications and Culture degree and have since then worked in higher education, a B2B marketing agency and now in the not-for-profit field. I’ve been living in Sheffield for about three years but will soon be packing up and leaving for the big city: London!




Science enthusiast with a Business-brain and love for language.







‘Rob studies European Politics at the University of Nottingham. He’s interested in public health and issues of social justice.’






Giulia is a Venezuelan-Italian second year student at the University of Sussex, studying International Relations.