About the blogs

Smirnoff on a bench

‘It’s the Drink Talking’ Blogs is a journalistic platform written entirely by young people. It is a space where we can begin to have an honest conversation about the issues tied up with alcohol, rather than being lectured.

If you’ve ever thought about alcohol, why people drink so much of it, what the impacts are, and any of the other social issues touched on here, we want to hear from you.

  • We are recruiting young volunteer bloggers, (aged 13-24), and want to hear from anyone interested in writing. Bloggers will have the opportunity to receive training, and will be invited to attend meetings and take part in other joint projects whenever they can.
  • This is about the many social, economic, cultural, and political issues that are related to alcohol, giving you a massive range of topics to write about. Whether we are talking about the impact of the cuts on drinking, inequality, cultural pressures, advertising practices, alcohol in sport, sexual health, or anything else, all of these are tied into alcohol and the role it plays in our lives.
  • We provide induction and optional training sessions for people interested.
  • Also, leave comments on any of the blog posts you have an opinion on. Contribute to the conversation.

Who writes the Blogs?

The blogs are made entirely by a growing pool of young volunteers who have an interest in these issues and want to develop their skills.

We‘ll include a wide range of different media and formats; not only written articles, but also video logs, pictures, artwork, interviews, debates, and memes etc.

Between 13-24 years old and interested in contributing?

You can ask, or send ideas directly to Stacey Dolan at sdolan@alcoholconcern.org.uk