Our Aims


Young people are often the focus of alcohol-related discussion in the media and by politicians, but are largely excluded from the debates; this needs to change.

‘It’s the Drink Talking’ campaign supports children and young people aged 13-24 years old, across England and Wales to:

  • Consider and debate the issues that affect their lives and how they could be improved
  • Have a voice in alcohol discussions which often focus on young people but from which they are excluded
  • Campaign to change the decisions and practices that have an impact on young people’s lives

This campaign is different from those that solely raise awareness about the individual risks of alcohol misuse.

At ‘It’s the Drink Talking’ we are working with young people to look at the wider issues related to alcohol that impact on society and the individual.

From issues as wide-ranging as how alcohol is advertised, the impact of parental drinking, to alcohol-related crime and the unequal way alcohol impacts on different social groups, in different areas.

We coordinate a grassroots network of young people interested creating more positive relationships with alcohol and supporting them to have their voices heard by people in power.