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Why is this important and how does it affect ME?

The media is full of scenes of binge drinking youngsters in town centres up and down the country – but this is just one aspect of the big alcohol picture.

How we as a society relate to alcohol touches almost everyone, even those who don’t drink.

From relationship issues and alcohol advertising, to broken bottles in the street; alcohol, directly or indirectly, reaches right across many people’s lives.

It is not all negative. Alcohol can also play a useful role in social bonding.

But given the significant role alcohol plays in our society there are very few places for young people to discuss the issues, share their views and take action to influence things…until now.

‘Is the campaign anti-alcohol?’

Not at all. Alcohol…many people drink it, many people choose not to.

Alcohol has played a part in British society for centuries but in modern Britain we drink close to twice as much as 50 years ago.

This is not by chance; it is linked to the decisions of policy makers and the practices of the alcohol industry that has a financial stake in people drinking.